JJP Brand Model Application

Looking for local Richmond, VA & Surrounding areas, High Schoolers, both guys & girls for a diverse Brand Model Team! Do you have to be a model-Absolutely not! No experience necessary! 

What we are looking for: 

  • Must be local to Richmond, VA, Chesterfield, VA. Colonial Heights, VA areas
  • Must want your own photos done
  • Must be active on Social Media! Mom & Dad this can include you! 
  • Must follow JJefferson Photography Social Media on Instagram & Facebook
  • Must have your parental/Guardian permission to fill out this form and participate 

JJefferson' s Brand Model Team influencer members can earn a ton of perks and free gifts! And it's super easy and fun! 

What you get as a JJP Brand Model:

  • Exclusive discounts on your Teen or Senior Session!
  • Early booking priority for your Senior Session!
  • Exclusive styled JJP Brand Model photoshoots with Complimentary Branded Social Media Digital Images!
  • Rewards for referring your friends!
  • Exclusive Brand Model Rep pricing
  • Complimentary brag book with 10 of your favorite images! 


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